Youtenberg – Gutenberg YouTube Player with Playlist

Youtenberg – Gutenberg YouTube Player with Playlist

As you might know, WordPress 5.0 uses a new default block editor also known as Gutenberg.

The Youtenberg – YouTube Player extends the WordPress block editor functionality by adding useful extra block element to it.

Use it to simply add single youtube videos, youtube playlists or create youtube playlists on your WordPress blog.

Also you can manage all the videos that you wish to display on your blog, you can order and delete them in just a flash!

You have the possibility to customize the player – select a primary color, display the playlist on the right side of the video, setup how many items to display in the playlist, setup the video to autoplay & also setup the height of the youtube player!

Choose to display player controls – display next – previous buttons, display fullscreen button, display youtube redirect button & show toggle playlist button.

Default functionality like play / pause / volume is also available in the Youtenberg Player plugin.

It also shows you which video is currently playing from your playlist.

Features list

Works with the latest WordPress version 5.0
It’s compatible with the new WordPress Editor also known as Gutenberg
Add any youtube video right on your website pages / blog posts
Add single video, playlist or easily create youtube playlists and display them your website
Manage the videos from your playlists – reorder / delete them
Customize the youtenberg player – setup a primary color
Turn the auto play on / off
Setup the player’s height & how many items to display in the playlist
Choose to display player controls like – next prev buttons, toggle button, fullscreen button, youtube redirect
Show the current video that it’s playing.

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